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The Howling Wolf Photos Home Page

Hello. Welcome to my website, home of  the worlds largest,  most diverse Web collection of images of Chester Burnett - better known to the world as legendary blues and rock giant HOWLIN' WOLF.

My iconic images depict diverse aspects of this great man's life, on-stage and off.  These sensitive, open, deeply-revealing images were possible to attain only via the special bond and rapport Wolf and I shared from the moment we met, as well as a meeting of individual talents and artistic gifts each borne and perhaps despite dues we had paid and our ability to sense these shared matters to be open to collaborate freely, each from our deepest genuine selves, our "First Minds".

We came to meet and collaborate on these images, plus adventures and ideas shared both from and leading to a very specia friendship, not by chance but from the sum total of what we had been part of and had been part of us leading up to our meeting, dues we'd each had to pay, suffering we'd survived and yet not at the expense of more such victims made but each learning how to heal and move forward against great odds.

So grasshopper, you see this indeed was no simple "lucky fan, right- place, right time" matter. Wolf and I had shared a lot of things in common (each in our own way per our culture and class) that had to have happened to lead not only to simply meeting but which speak to the level of connection we shared, the meaning of which is so deep that to know how much and to express the meaning of its  nature made itself most clear to me only very recently, and will be addressed in detail at a future time, as I know you are above all else eager to see what these images are, if you've even come this in reading.    

Come see our rare portraits, family shots and concert capturings where Wolf's charismatic personality and intensity of focused on his have come forth in many ways, to allow themselves be seen by all, all who are open enough, that is, to be able to relate to the depths of his his soulful expressive personality and his so very authentic and evolved character.

Wolf is an inspiring Wounded Healer who helped so many in in fact the whole world be able to reconnect to parts of themselves find so easy to have lost until that reconnection is made to take place.

And these are the rare portraits, chosen publicity photo, full photo business cards  and more, some of which are found now on album and magazine covers, in books such as in the Wolf's Pantheon biography Moanin’ at Midnight: The Life and Times of Howlin’ Wolf, and films such as the documentary DVD “The Howlin’ Wolf Story. ” but be sure to first stick around to see here what our meeting began to has produced.

 To read about how and why I took these photos, please click the Story link above or visit this story page. To start viewing the photos, click the photo links above or start at photos 1–20. Please go to this page if you’d like to buy any of these photos. And to  license any of these photos for a media project, please contact me at the email address below. 

NOTE The Discussion Forum link here needs repair, and I'm not yet able to do that, so simply email me for now to discuss any aspect of my site or the mighty Wolf. You may add comments, if you wish, on my FaceBook or MySpace pages. Find me there as "howlingsandy".  

Enjoy your visit as you view and read about the greatest, most exciting blues performer off all time!


-Sandy Guy Schoenfeld

All images and words on this site are:
© 2004 Sandy Guy Schoenfeld